The Protégé Experience

Shirley Chisholm Education Foundation (SCEF) offers a one-of-a-kind virtual mentoring program for young women ages 16 to 25 with barriers to success in their lives.  The Protege Experience, as it is called, provides young women with female mentors during a five-month program that is designed to help them achieve their personal and professional goals.

During the first three months of the program, protégés focus on mental wellness, leadership development, and financial literacy.  Mentors lead protégés through Master Classes of interactive videos and curriculum resources and engage proteges in discussions around each topic area.

Unbought and Unbossed (3 Months)

Mental Wellness (1 Month)

Mental wellness is vital to personal and professional success. SCEF protégés will work with their mentors to explore topics that help them to better understand themselves and others and be able to cope with the challenges of life.

Leadership Development (1 Month)

All proteges have the potential to succeed in attaining their professional goals and to be elevated to influential leadership roles.  In this pillar, proteges will learn the knowledge, skills and attitudes to allow them to grow and develop their leadership skills.

Financial Literacy (1 Month)

Strong financial understanding facilitates access to more opportunities and financial security.  Each protégé will learn steps towards attaining financial freedom and building their own investment portfolios.

Catalyst for Change – Reach Her (1 Month)

In this capstone section of the program, protégés will apply their newly gained skills through community service. Mentors will guide proteges as they identify a problem in their community that directly affects women and reach out to help them address the problem.

Seat at the Table (1 Month)

Image of red folding chair and quote from Shirley Chisholm: "If they don't give you a seat at the table, bring a folding chair."

In the final section of the program, protégés will focus on identifying, interviewing and securing their long-term mentor who will support them with their goals beyond the completion of the program.  Program mentors will continue to provide virtual support to proteges through this process. During this phase, proteges are also tasked with planning their next steps such as applying for college or internships in fields that are aligned with their future goals. 

Tuition for the entire program is $1,972. However, prospective nominees from households earning less than $100,000 a year may apply for a full or partial scholarship.

How Mentors Can Get Involved

Change the world one woman at a time!

SCEF provides a safe inspiring online home for young women to rise above their situations and create long-lasting success through the encouragement and leadership of committed female role models.  Our volunteer mentors positively influence young women in their overall growth and development and boost their self-confidence while preparing them to become leaders in their families, communities, and countries.

You can play an integral role in inspiring young women to improve themselves and become change agents.  Support our fight for women to achieve their fullest potential.  Become a mentor now!

How Partners Can Get Involved

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