Note: If you are under 18, please ask an adult to nominate you as a protégé here.

The Shirley Chisholm Education Foundation mentoring Program appreciates your interest in becoming a protégé in the SCEF Protege Experience Mentoring Program. Please complete and submit the following form to begin the application process. 

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    Protégé Participation Requirements

    • Be at least 16-25 years old
    • Reside in the U.S. and Caribbean countries of Barbados and Guyana
    • Commit to the five-month duration of the program
    • Commit to spending time weekly working with a mentor (2 hrs/wk), and learning course materials (1 hr /wk)
    • Obtain parental/guardian permission (if under 18 yrs of age), and ongoing support for participation in the program
    • Be dependable and consistent in meeting the time commitments
    • Attend protege’ training sessions as prescribed
    • Be willing to communicate regularly with program coordinator and discuss monthly meeting and activity information